Philosophy and objectives
Having regard to the desire of Mediterranean architects to create a structure aimed at fulfilling their common goal of regenerating and consolidating the ties inherent in their adhesion to the Mediterranean Basin, the common birthplace of civilisation, an organisation was formed at Mediterranean level by the Declaration of Rabat of 15 July 1994 and the constituent general meeting of 1st January 1994 in Rethymnon, Crete, Greece, entitled:

THE UNION OF MEDITERRANEAN ARCHITECTS (UMAR) By the initiators following countries : Albania, Algeria, Cyprus, Greece, Morocco, Palestin, Spain, Tunisia and Turkey. This Union is complementary to other existing organisations. Pursuant to the action taken by the General Meeting held on January 16th and 17th 2004 at Meknes (Morocco), the relevant declaration and publication formalities were carried out with the competent body assigned to its registered office.


1To promote the 'Mediterranean' concept as the basis for a debate on architecture.
2To proclaim architecture to be of public interest.
3To ensure that architecture is practised with total independence and respect for professional ethics.
4To promote top-quality architecture as an expression of culture serving people's needs.
5To contribute to the protection of architectural heritage and instigate actions enabling its preservation and revalorisation.
6To conduct any actions apt to preserve and improve quality in building, to maintain and protect the natural environment with a view to ensuring a living environment worthy of Mediterranean populations.
7To promote an alliance between all architects in a spirit of confraternity and mutual respect, without discrimination on the basis of nationality, race or religion.
8To encourage relations between architects with a view to developing the exchange of information relative to architectural practices in technical, social and cultural fields.
9To ensure the co-ordination of Mediterranean architects' organisations with a view to supporting them in their joint actions.
10To create a dynamic aimed at introducing a spirit of co-operation and solidarity between Mediterranean architects and their organisations.
11To encourage and promote all research in the field of architecture (technical, historical, etc.).
12To support all actions aimed at contributing to the redevelopment of destroyed housing and thus the material improvement of living conditions for its inhabitants.
13To consolidate the ties between UMAR and other international architects' organisations.