XXIVth UMAR General Assembly is going to be held in Malta on March 25, 2017.Concurrent to the General Assembly, UMAR members are invited to attend the Conference  being organised by EFAP ( European Forum for Architectural Policies ), sponsored by the Maltese Government as part of its program as President of the Council of the European Union , entitled “The New In The Old - Contemporary Architecture in a Historic Context” which will be held on the 23-24th March, 2017.The program of the conference can be accessed throguh here.The General Assembly agenda is going to be focusing on revision and amendment of UMAR Statues and Internal Rules, preparation of UIA Seoul World Architecture Congress.

Founded in Rabat (Morocco) in 1994, the Union of Mediterranean Architects (UMAR) draws together national organisations representative of architects from countries in and around the Mediterranean basin.

It was their awareness of belonging to a common culture, a culture shaped over thousands of years into this birthplace of civilisations that is the Mediterranean basin, that prompted architects organisations to create UMAR.
An instrument for exchanging views and information, the association thus encourages relationships of friendship, solidarity and confraternity between all architects.
UMAR endeavours to reveal Architecture to be of public interest, Architecture and the organisation of space being expressions of culture.
The Union claims its role as spokesperson for the 300,000 architects of the Mediterranean basin in dealings with all official institutions.

The registered office of the Union of Mediterranean Architects is in Malta.
The two official languages of UMAR are English and French.