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The International Union of Architects, here after referred to as UIA, represented by

Albert DUBLER, President                                                                                                                       

                                                                                                                               on one hand,




The Union of Mediterranean Architects, here below referred to as UMAR represented by

André BEKHAZI, President,                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                              on the other hand.




Founded in 1948, the UIA has a mission to unite architects from countries all over the world by creating and developing contacts between them. In particular, it has for objective to participate in the improvement of living conditions of all people, especially in Emerging countries, and to inform public authorities, international bodies and public opinion of the architect’s social and cultural role.


Whilst the UIA groups together the professional architectural organizations of 131 countries, UMAR regional association, assembles at the same time national organizations from Europe (UIA Region I), the African continent (UIA Region V) and the Middle East (UIA Region II).


Founded in 1994, UMAR brings together representative national architectural organizations from around the Mediterranean Basin. Given their shared common culture that throughout millenniums shaped the cradle of civilization, UMAR defined the scope of exchanges between all Mediterranean architects with the aim of promoting architectural quality through participation in the protection and the development of the heritage and promoting actions susceptible to protect and improve the architectural environment in order to ensure a living environment suitable for Mediterranean inhabitants.


I - Objectives


Subsequent to the previous Protocol signed in Torino on July 1st 2008, between the UIA and UMAR presidents, these two organizations decided to continue developing joint actions.


II- Fields of activity  


Both with a cultural mission, these two organizations will develop joint actions particularly in the following areas:

-       Architectural culture: heritage, urban renewal and renovation, preservation of Heritage in danger.

-       Sustainable development: environment, energy saving during design.

-       Promote Architecture as expression of Culture, Responsibility and Human Rights.




1-      Information sharing


Within the scope of the joint action projects defined above, both organizations undertake to regularly exchanged information and to make their respective documentation and human resources available.

In this context, together with the UIA, UMAR will contribute enriching the XXth Century Architectural Heritage website.



2-      Annual work programme


Both organizations will support International actions on Architectural Heritage leaded by UNESCO, ICOMOS and DOCOMOMO, with whom the UIA has signed an agreement.


Both organizations agree, within the scope of a bilateral annual meeting at which representatives of UMAR and UIA Regions I, II, and V will participate, to draft a work programme to determine planned activities.


With a concern to harmonize the human and financial resources of both organizations, UMAR and IUA will endeavour to develop actions decided upon by joint working parties.


The work undertaken will be the subject of an annual report presented to the UMAR General Assembly and UIA Region I, II and V meetings.


If required, this annual report can be presented to the UIA Council and even the General Assembly.


3-      Search for subsidies


Actions determined by both organizations could be the subject of joint negotiations in view of applications for subsidies from European or international bodies.


4-      Representation


At least once a year, both organizations agree that one of their representatives will be invited to participate in UMAR and UIA Regions I, II and V meetings.


This agreement will take effect at the date of the signature, will be re-evaluated in 2017.





Albert DUBLER                                                                                            André BEKHAZI

President of the UIA                                                                                   President of UMAR   


Marseille, 27 September 2013


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